ITI Surveyor MCQ [PDF] 1st Year NIMI Question Bank in Hindi

ITI surveyor MCQ. NIMI Surveyor Question Bank. CTS Bharat skills MCQ questions and answers in Hindi with PDF download for CBT 1st year exam paper mock test preparation.

ITI Surveyor MCQ

1. What is called personal protective equipment?

A) Bendij

B) chain

C) Gloves

D) full sleeve shirt

Answer – C

2. Which of the following personal protective equipment (PPE) is used to protect the head?

A) gum boot

b) helmet

c) respiratory system

d) apron

Answer – B

3. What personal protective equipment is used to protect eyes?

A) hand gloves

B) Glasses

c) respirator

d) helmet

Answer – B

4. What is the emergency number of ambulance services?

a) 100

b) 102

c) 106

d) 108

Ans. b

5. What is the period of golden hours in treating a person’s serious condition?

A) first 15 minutes

B) first 30 minutes

C) first 45 minutes

D) first hour

Answer – B

6. What is the name of that part of the circle whose radii make an angle of 90 degrees with each other?

A) Arc

B) area

c) segment

D) Quadrant

Answer – D

7. What is the immediate life saving procedure?

A) first aid

b) call the doctor

C) intensive care

D) medical treatment

Answer – A

8. Which is a mechanical occupational hazard?

A) noise

B) toxic

C) unskilled

D) unsecured machinery

Answer – D

9. How to stop bleeding of an injured person?

A) bandage

b) apply ointment

C) apply tincture to the wound

D) apply pressure to the wound

Answer – D

10. What does ‘A’ stand for in ABC of first aid?

A) airway

B) attention

C) Arresting

D) atmosphere

Answer – A

11. What types of fire extinguishers are used for metal fires?

A) Class A

B) Class B

C) Class C

D) Class D

Answer – D

12. What are the dangers if the body is stressed or injured?

A) physical risk

B) ergonomic hazards

C) chemical hazards

D) non-physical threats

Answer – B

13. Which is ‘B’ category fire?

A) oils and fats

B) flammable liquid

c) solid metals

d) Ordinary solid combustibles

Answer – B

14. What type of fire extinguisher is found in large kitchens?

A) Class A

B) Class B

C) Class D

d) class

Answer – D

15. What is the detail format for PPE?

a) Principle protective Equipment

b) Personal Protective Equipment

c) Proper care protective equipment

d) People protective equipment

Ans. b

16. What does CPR mean in first aid?

a) Care Prevent Rescue

b) Cardio Pulse Reassurance

c) Circulation Promote Recovery

d) Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

Years. d

17. What is the minimum age to be appointed as an apprentice to work in a factory or mine?

A) less than 14 years

B) above 13 years

C) above 14 years

D) above 18 years

Answer – C

18. Which is the biological component in the environment?

A) land

B) water

c) animals

D) soil

Answer – C

19. What type of occupational health hazard causes infection?

A) electrical hazard

B) biological threat

C) physical danger

D) psychological threat

Answer – B

20. What type of personal protective equipment is used for smoke protection?

A) apron

B) Glasses

c) ear plugs

D) respirator

Answer – D

21. Which type of fire extinguisher is used in case of fire in electrical equipment?

A) Halon type

b) foam type

c) Gas cartridge type

D) water

Answer – A

22. What is a physical threat?

A) smoking

B) vibration

C) corrosive

D) radio active

Answer – B

23. If a person is fainting due to low blood sugar, what should he be given to eat or drink to bring him back to consciousness?

A) to drink water

B) to eat food

c) to eat vegetables

d) sweet in food or drink

Answer – D

24. What is the name of the scale which compares two similar units in different systems?

A) Simple scale

B) vernier scale

c) musical scale

D) comparative scale

Answer – D

25. What does the first element in RF represent?

A) scale size

b) size in drawing

c) size of the object

D) none

Answer – B

26. What is the size of trimmed A4 sheet as per IS: 10811 – 1983?

a) 420 x 594 mm

b) 297 x 420 mm

c) 210 x 297 mm

d) 148 x 210 mm

Years. vs

27. What is the name of the instrument used to measure angles?

A) T square

B) compass

C) Silver

D) Guinea

Answer – C

28. What is the name of the line perpendicular to the horizontal lines?

A) vertical line

B) straight line

c) parallel row

D) horizontal line

Answer – A

29. What is the name of the straight line which is neither horizontal nor vertical?

A) curved line

B) parallel row

c) inclined line

D) perpendicular line straight

Answer – C

30. What is the name of the space set aside on a drawing sheet for mentioning drawing names and other details?

A) framework

B) difference

C) title block

D) Grid

Answer – C

31. What is the Indian Standard Code specifying for drawing board?

a) IS: 1360 – 1989

b) IS: 1444 – 1989

c) IS: 10811 – 1983

d) IS: 10711 – 1983

Ans. b

32. What is the name of the side opposite to the right angle in a triangle?

A) base

B) hypotenuse

C) adjacent side

D) opposite direction

Answer – B

33. What is the name of that quadrilateral whose four sides are equal and all four angles are at right angles?

A) square

B) rectangle

c) quadrilateral

D) odd

Answer – A

34. What is the sum of the angles included in a triangle?

a) 900

b) 1800

c) 2700

d) 3600

Ans. b

35. 900 and 1800 What is the name of the angle between?

A) right angle

b) acute angle

c) acute angle

D) obtuse angle

Answer – D

36. What is the name of the triangle whose three sides are equal and three angles are equal?

A) scalene triangle

B) isosceles triangle

c) equilateral triangle

D) right triangle

Answer – C

37. What is the sum of the interior angles of a quadrilateral?

a) 900

b) 1800

c) 2700

d) 3600

Years. d

38. What is the name of the triangle whose three sides are not equal in length and all three included angles are also unequal?

A) scalene triangle

B) isosceles triangle

c) equilateral triangle

D) obtuse angle

Answer – A

39. How many sides and angles are there in a quadrilateral?

A) 3 sides and 3 angles

B) 4 sides and 4 angles

C) 5 sides and 5 angles

D) 6 sides and 6 angles

Answer – B

40. Calculate the sum of the interior angles of a pentagon?

a) 3600

b) 4500

c) 5400

d) 6300

Years. vs





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