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Boost Confidence in the Bedroom – Learn How to Be Amazing at Sex – Online Course for Women Teaser

Boost Confidence in the Bedroom – Learn How to Be Amazing at Sex – Online Course for Women Teaser

Teaser for my epic online course, Queen Out!

So what’s included in Queen Out?! What are we actually going to do, you ask..
Well, what aren’t we going to do, I say! I have SO much fun for you in store, babes!

Lemme give you a run down on what’s going to be happening inside my epic new online program.
You’re going to:

– Learn self yoni massage/mapping and de-armouring
– Bust myths and rewrite negative and inaccurate stories about your body and s*x
– Learn about p*ssy and pen!s pleasure anatomy
– Find your G spot, A spot, Cervix and more!
– Build new pleasure pathways to enhance and expand your 0rgasmic potential
– Release tension, trauma, shame, limiting beliefs and stagnant energy and emotions
– Learn how to communicate in the bedroom and give and receive feedback confidently and clearly
– Learn about your menstrual cycle and how to live in alignment with it to reduce PMS
– Learn how to use fertility awareness method to prevent pregnancy or get pregnant intentionally
– Learn about the erotic blueprints
– Learn how to play your body like an instrument for greater pleasure and deeper Os
– Learn about female arousaI processes and how best to work with them
– Strengthen your boundaries and have your own back (and front!)
– Use movement and embodiment practices to enhance your pelvic floor health, tone, and pleasure capacity
– Expand your self care/love practices
– Become a p*ssy pro and embody confidence, self love and ease in the bedroom

Plus sooo much more!

This is a seriously incredible opportunity if you want to work on yourself in this arena as I’ve put all my best material, practices and resources into the one place for you!

It’s a certified Experience product too which is pretty spesh!

Queen Out helps women who struggle with 0rgasm, self love and a lack of confidence around their s*xuality to feel s*xually empowered, knowledgeable and comfortable in the bedroom through a combination of inspiring s*x education coaching and embodiment practices that will transform their s*x lives and relationships to themselves and pleasure.

Sign up any time at the link above! I’d love to have you on board!