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ITI Electronics Mechanic Questions and answers PDF [1st Year]

ITI Electronics Mechanic questions and answers PDF in Hindi for ITI 1st year theory exam paper preparation. In this post we write only 40 Question but if you want to read all 340 Question you need to download the PDF file from the given link below the post.

ITI Electronics Mechanic Questions and Answers PDF

1. How are gases and liquid gases classified?

a) Class A fire

b) Class B fire

c) Class C fire

d) Class D fire

Years. vs

2. Which type of toe pad is used to avoid crushing the feet while shifting equipment?

a) Steel toe caps

b) Plastic toe caps

c) Rubber toe caps

d) Leather toe caps

Ans. a

3. Which fire extinguisher is used to extinguish Class C type fire?

a) Form Type

b) water jet

c) dry powder

d) carbon dioxide

Answer – c

4. What is the size of the mandatory signs?

a) class

b) round

c) triangular

d) Rectangular

Answer – b

5. What material is used to make the instrument cabinet?

a) wood

b) plastic

c) hard rubber

d) metal sheet

Answer – d

6. What is the size of the warning sign board?

a) square

b) round

c) triangular

d) hexagon

Answer – c

7. In which category of fire are metals included?

a) Class A

b) Class B

c) Class C

d) Class D

Years. d

8. What is the size of the prohibition sign?

a) class

b) round

c) triangular

d) Rectangular

Answer – b

9. What steps are followed to treat a person from electric shock?

a) provide water

b) keep the victim cool

c) cover the victim with a coat

d) move the victim to a well-ventilated area

Answer – d

10. Which angle is tested by Tri Square?

a) 450

b) 600

c) 750

d) 900

Years. d

11. What is the use of screw driver?

a) holding the screw

b) tightening and loosening the screw

c) tightening or loosening bolts

d) tighten or loosen rivets

Answer – b

12. What is the maximum size of drill bit used in electrical hand drilling machine?

a) 0.35 mm

b) 1.5 mm

c) 3.5 mm

d) 6.5 mm

Years. d

13. Which tool is used to add a funnel like taper?

a) Vice

b) angle steel

c) Hatchet Steak

d) Blow Horn Steak

Answer – d

14. Which parameter of a wire is directly proportional to the current carrying capacity?

a) wire resistance

b) passing current

c) arc of the conductor

d) diameter of the conductor

Answer – d

15. What is the purpose of wood rasp file?

a) 900 corner

b) metal cutting

c) finishing flat edges

d) preliminary rough work

Answer – d

16. What is the first step to protect a person from electrical contact?

a) disconnect

b) call the doctor

d) turn off the power supply

d) pull the person from the contact of electricity

Answer – b

17. What is the cause of electrical fire?

a) divergence

b) open circuit

c) overloading

d) proper earthing

Answer – c

18. Which instrument is used to measure the size of wire?

a) Tri Square

b) Steel Rule

c) filler gauge

d) standard wire gauge

Answer – d

19. Which artificial respiration method should be avoided by a person with abdominal injury?

a) Schaefer method

b) mouth to nose method

c) Nose-to-mouth method

d) oral method

Answer – a

20. What is the reason for injury while lifting weights?

a) heavy load

b) falling objects

c) object to feel the load

d) Wrong lifting technique

Answer – d

21. How is overlapping of excess sheet metal causing bulges at seams and edges prevented?

a) mallet

b) Notch

c) L-angle

d) square steak

Answer – b

22. What is the effect of electric shock at very low voltage level (less than 40v)?

a) fibrillation

b) muscle contact

c) burning of the skin

d) unpleasant tingling sensation

Answer – d

23. The electrical conductivity of gold is

a) 56%

b) 67%

c) 94%

d) 100%

Ans. b

24. What is the unit of electric charge?

a) Volt

b) heartz

c) ampere

d) Coulomb

Answer – d

25. Which material has eight electrons in the valence shell?

a) insulator

b) conductor

c) semiconductor

d) intrinsic semiconductor

Answer – a

26. Which material is used as an electrical insulator?

a) gallium

b) Porcelain

c) aluminum

d) Germanium

Answer – b

27. Which electrical parameter opposes the flow of electrons?

a) power

b) voltage

c) current

d) Resistance

Answer – d

28. Single strand wire is called?

a) flexible wire

b) twisted wire

c) Hook up wire

d) multi strand wire

Answer – c

29. What is the purpose of the cover provided over the electrical conductor?

a) increase current flow

b) reduce the current flow

c) reduction in voltage rating

d) protection against weather

Answer – d

30. Which core is used in intermediate frequency transformer?

a) steel

b) nickel

c) Cobalt

d) ferrite

Answer – d

31. Which material conducts electricity?

a) mica

b) paper

c) glass

d) copper

Answer – d

32. How many electrons are there in a pair of electric charge?

a) 6.25 x 108 electrons

b) 6.25 x 1012 electrons

c) 6.25 x 1016 electrons

d) 6.25 x 1018 electrons

Answer – d

33. What is the movement of electrons through a conductor in a particular direction called?

a) resistance

b) inductance

c) conductance

d) electric current

Answer – d

34. Which metal has very good conductivity in electric current?

a) gold

b) copper

c) silver

d) aluminum

Answer – c

35. What is the size of standard wire gauge?

a) Square metal disk

b) Circular metal disk

c) Cylindrical glass disk

d) Rectangular plastic disk

Ans. b

36. Which formula is used to find the conductivity?

a) Q/V

b) I x R

c) V / I

d) I / V

Years. d

37. How does the insulation coating remain undamaged even when the wire is bent?

a) due to wire resistance

b) due to high current flow

c) due to the elastic property of the insulation

d) due to the strength of the wire material

Answer – c

38. What is the purpose of standard wire gauge?

a) measure current

b) measure the voltage

c) measure the diameter of the wire

d) measure the insulation of the wire

Answer – c

39. Which electrical parameter is measured by megger?

a) current

b) voltage

c) insulation resistance

d) recurring

Answer – c

40. Which energy is converted into electrical energy in hydroelectric stations?

a) heat energy

b) light energy

c) chemical energy

d) mechanical energy

Answer – d