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4 Digital Wellness Tips for the Workplace

4 Digital Wellness Tips for the Workplace

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Digital wellness encourages a healthy use of technology — which can be hard in an increasingly digital world. Unplugging from technology whenever possible can help reduce stress, anxiety, eye strain, and isolation. Watch to learn the best ways businesses can encourage digital wellness in the enterprise.

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12 Effective Tips to Spice Up Your Marriage

Marriages can be hard to make work and require efforts to keep the spark alive. It may seem like fun and games to be with each other during the first few years. However, it is normal for things to change once you become more familiar with each other. Your marriage may no longer feel the same. It may seem dull or that you have lost the feeling that you once had for each other.

Try out these 12 tips to get the spark back in your marriage.

What is the State of Your Marriage?

Everything seems amusing about your partner and romance is easy when you initially get married. You can put a lot of effort into planning and going on dates. But things may start to feel boring once you get more comfortable in married life.

It is absolutely normal to feel sad about not feeling the same excitement about your relationship as before. It is important to not lose hope. Have faith and keep reading below to find out ways to revive the spark in your marriage.

12 Tricks to Revive the Spark in Your Marriage

If you feel like your marriage is at the stage where it needs some additional push to become exciting once again, then learn the following tips and try out as many as you want! They may work wonders for your marriage.

Bedrooms are the sanctuaries of slumber and should be peaceful and inspiring. You should decorate and keep your bedroom as cozy and clean as possible to get a relaxing feeling from it. A sloppy bedroom is a sign that the couple has become careless about their shared time.

Decorating your bedroom will not require a lot of money. You can just put some plants or hang some romantic quotes on the wall to keep the source of your love alive.

You should start communicating more with your partner. Talk about your day and everything that affected you. Share your thoughts and ideas. Tell more about yourself and encourage your partner to share more about themselves as well.

You can evolve as a person while staying in your marriage. Your or your partner’s preferences may change with time. It is important to talk about yourself to let your partner know about the changes. This may also motivate your partner to talk more about themselves as well.

It is important to listen to each other intently as it is important to talk about yourself. Over time, it may seem like you know everything about your partner, so you don’t keep paying attention like you used to. This can drive a rift between partners. You or your partner may feel that your opinions are being invalidated.

Try to pay more attention to your partner. Listen to what they say quietly without interrupting. Spend a specific amount of time every day conversing with your spouse. It may be during bedtimes, dinnertime, or afternoons on weekends.

It is also important that you take some time off every day to talk and have conversations with your partner.

Plan exciting trips and getaways to remove the boredom from your life. Marriage can be quite stressful if you have children to take care of. Going on a short trip with just your partner can rekindle that lost romance.

Unplanned trips can add excitement and you can find out more about yourself and your partner. These can improve your communication and can push you to work as a team. It will add energy to your life and create new memories.

Going on adventures to new places can challenge and can push both you and your partner out of your comfort zones. You can even discover new things about yourselves.

You can plan romantic dates with your partner or surprise with one. In married life, it may get hard to make time for each other. It may also seem unimportant to plan a date since you spend time together at home anyway.

However, planning a date can help in many ways. You can focus and pay attention to each other. Dates can be fun and at the same time increase intimacy between partners even in a long marriage.

You don’t always have to plan fancy dates. Cooking dinner for each other or watching Netflix together may also work.

  • Try to Plan Activities together

Igniting the spark back in marriage can be done by putting efforts outside of the bedroom as well. Planning activities together can benefit your marriage. You can plan camping trips, road trips, game nights, or community service together. These activities can increase the value of companionship to each other.

Planing game nights or joining any tennis or bowling club can get you guys moving. Exercises also help boost serotonin and can make you physically and mentally healthy. A little healthy competition will also do you well.

It is important that you spend less time on social media and on screens in general so you can focus on your marriage and each other during these activities.

Over time, you may get careless about your look when staying in a marriage for a long time. But you should try to maintain a little upkeep even if it’s just for your partner. Proper grooming can make you feel confident and less insecure about yourself. You can handle the troubles of marriage with a more positive energy.

Taking care of your looks does not mean investing in cosmetic surgery or a whole new closet. You can invest in quality clothing or just regular grooming. Exercising or signing up at a gym can also make you look more fit.

You can also upgrade your skincare regiment. Remember that you are doing this to improve your marriage life. Don’t get too hung up on anything that will have the opposite effect.

  • Shower More Compliments on Each Other

Complimenting your partner in positive ways can actually have better effects than anything else. Positive assertions and words of motivation can keep the spark in marriage longer. Your partner will feel validated and happy if they feel that they are being appreciated.

You can give them compliments for their small efforts around the household such as cooking or cleaning. You can also appreciate the effort they put into their jobs. Simple text messages that show that you care for their wellbeing can cheer them up and make your marriage life easier.

Scientific studies suggest that complimenting your partner works well to save marriages. So definitely try this trick!

Showing your love through touch throughout the day is a great way to revive the spark in your marriage. Touch is a great way to indirectly show your love and care for your spouse.

Show your affection and care for your partner through touch or verbal assurances. Holding hands while walking or hugs while just working around the house can increase the feeling of affection between you two.

You can also give shoulder massages or cuddle while watching TV together. Putting your arm around them can also be an indirect way to make your partner feel more assured.

Planning anniversaries or birthdays more carefully can also indicate your affection towards them.

  • Practice Being More Positive

Try being more positive and think in a positive way. If you try to stay positive you will feel less stressed about everything. You will be able to handle the problems of married life and support your partner in more ways. As a result, you can be more reliable to your partner.

To be more positive, you can practice yoga or just try to smile more. Thinking in a positive way can also resonate well with people and motivate them. Overall you can spread positive energy in your family just by being more positive and less aggressive.

Controlling your aggression is also important. Staying with someone for a long time can make you feel bitter and resentful. It is important to let go of these feelings to have a healthy marriage. You can seek professional help for this as well as try yoga or meditation.

Reminiscing about the good old days when you were just getting started with your relationship or marriage can help bring that lost spark back. You can go through photo albums or old VHS tapes to look into the old days. This will remind you of beautiful memories and the love you had for each other.

This trick will also remind you of the strength of your bond. It will remind you of all the things you used to treasure and like about your partner. This may help with getting over a particularly rough patch of life.

It is very important to flirt spontaneously and frequently. Your partner should feel that you are interested in them and think about them. You can flirt verbally or through texts. Sending text messages of how you’re thinking of them at any time of day when they are away can brighten up their mood.


Marriages may need a lot of work, especially if it gets old and dull as marriages can inevitably become. But keeping the old sparks flying high can be easy if you follow these tips. All it needs is a little attention and some effort.

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